You Can Find Us Here

Lafayette United Methodist Church

955 Moraga Road,
Lafayette, CA 94549


(925) 284-4765

(925) 284-5170

Reverend Marylee Sheffer
Cell: (925) 789-7794

Map Directions/Parking

Our address: 955 Moraga Road, Lafayette, CA 94549

Parking First time visitors may park on the circular driveway fronting the Church. The main parking lot is behind the church buildings, and is accessed from Lafayette Circle, (one block west of Moraga Road) off Mt. Diablo Blvd. The two driveways between Chow Restaurant and The French Bakery lead into the lower and upper church lots. Look for yellow striped stalls in the upper and lower levels. Handicap-accessible spaces are available in both the front driveway area and the rear lot. Off street parking is available at 947 Moraga Road. (2 doors down from the church)

This Sunday, August 23rd

8:30am Quiet Meditation in Maggie Mae

10am Worship

10:15am Faith Formation

11:15am SSP Rehearsal for next Sunday

Worship Leaders at Worship in the Park

Worship Leaders at Worship in the Park

Walk the Labyrinth in Fellowship Hall

Walk… Pray…. Listen…
From now through Sunday, August 30th, the labyrinth is set up in Fellowship Hall for you to walk.

Labyrinth walking is an ancient practice used by many different faiths
for spiritual centering, contemplation and prayer. Entering the path of a labyrinth, the walker walks slowly while quieting their mind and focusing on a spiritual question or prayer.

Open your senses and focus on the process of taking slow and deliberate steps.

Bring to mind a prayer or spiritual question to contemplate during the walk to the center.

Reaching the center, pause to reflect, pray, listen for an answer or for deeper revelation. Now begin the return journey. Pray or reflect further. Upon exiting, use further reflection, prayer, or journaling to absorb the experience.


Welcome to Lafayette United Methodist Church.  We are a congregation of more than 250 active followers of Jesus Christ centered in the heart of Lafayette, California.

Our mission is to experience Christ’s love and express it in our daily living.  We nurture the inward journey  through worship, small groups, and faithful relationships.  We share in the outward journey of service to one another and the community beyond.

Worship services are held on Sundays at 10:00 a.m. in our historic sanctuary, formerly the third schoolhouse in Lafayette.  Please explore our website for more information about our ministry.   Your participation is most welcome.  We look forward to sharing the journey of faith.

Sunday, August 23

*Quiet Meditation - 8:30am

*Worship - 10am

*Faith Formation - 10:15am

*SSP Rehearsal - 11:15am